WPA Outcomes Project Log

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Our WPA Outcomes group has been making big strides concerning our assets and physical book both in InDesign and iBooks Author. The contributors of our book were immensely helpful and very eager to help our group's cause. We exchanged numerous emails that Dr. Blakesly was able to facilitate. With the newly acquired assets we were able to begin enhancing our ebook on iBooks Author. We are working out the kinks in both operating systems but making steady progress.

Sam is having trouble splitting the contents section of our book in InDesign. He is becoming increasingly frustrated and might need the assistance of Dr. Blakesly. Hopefully we will be able to solve this dilemma. Carson seems to have iBooks Author under control which she claims takes a lot of patience to operate.....and that's why I'm not good at it.

The teamwork of our group is progressively improving as Carson is handling iBooks Author, Sam is working on InDesign, and I have now found a niche to help better the group by documenting our progress and offering assistance where I can give it. Although class has been cancelled on Tuesday, we have decided to meet at 10 for a couple of hours to focus on iBooks Author which is a slow process. Table of Contents seems to be a pain in the ass on all accounts. We finally fixed the huge font to something more reasonable.

Carson believed she could not do this but i exclaimed, "yes you can!" She is now getting "superrr frustrated." She believes she messed up....she did.

Sam gave in and asked for Will's advice.....but to no avail....its a very mysterious problem. It is believed to have something to do with the Table of Contents. He is now troubleshooting with Dr. Blakesly. Referring to Castro for the solution. We are going to have to hack the code at the end to fix the issue.