Morte Darthur Project Log 6

Our group is finishing up the iBook version to our book. Our epub was finished this morning when we had to fix some spaces on the copyright page and add the final metadata in Sigil.

We are each inputting the text (from an HTML file) into our assigned chapters as well as adding an image for the chapter title and any other images we might have found. Once Emily finishes the last chapters, Will plans on going through and bookmarking all of the extra TOC references and making them links. This is an additional feature that will be completed if we have enough time.

Project Log Week 15: Final Touches

I only need to add one last feature to my iBook. After showing my iBook to Dr. Blakesley, he suggested that I add some sections (which has turned out to be impossible due to the inability to add sections breaks), add a flow chart at the end (which I did as a 2nd chapter), and an intro video that describes the features of the book. This video is the last thing I need to add. I plan to add a less than a minute video describing the main features (scroll bar at the bottom, choice pages, listening on images, and cave pages) and the purpose of the book.

11.30.12 - Available Means Collaborative Update

Since we've conducted most of our updates verbally with Dr. Blakesley, we've been remiss about updating them on the blog. So, here's our mega update.

Jillian and Abby created templates for the iBooks Author version of The Available Means early in November. We worked from one of the existing templates and adapted it to the needs of the text. We formatted each chapter page template with a horizontal image that runs across the top of the page. We plan to use different sections from the image from the book's cover along the top of each chapter page.

Project Log #5: Taking Strides in Exercise

I've made a great deal of progress in these last few days. Last night I was up until 3 a.m. working on this project! It has seemed
like every time I have attempted to work on iBooks Author before, I get frustrated like I mentioned in the last post. I saw "Mr. F's"
post about the 3D images. This is one area where I wasted a lot of time. I wanted to find a 3D, interactive image of a human
heart to include in the "Basic" section to help explain some main points. This search was unsuccessful after an hour. I also

Individual Project Log: The Home Stretch

As we head towards the showcase, I'm finishing up my Poe interactive short story. I was finally able to film the introduction last week, and it was interesting to say the least. I clothed myself in a sweater, turned down the lights, poured a glass of scotch, played a fake fire on YouTube, and spoke in my creepiest British accent. A creepy British accent > a creepy American accent. I was having some microphone issues, but hopefully I can clean up some of those problems in post production (they aren't too noticeable though).

Project Log: 3D Objects

I spent some time over Thanksgiving break looking for premade 3D images that I could include in my iBook; having messed around with 3D modeling in high school I know it would take too much time to do it myself (plus I don't have the software anymore). Due to the fact that iBooks Author only accepts 3D files of the COLLADA format my search was made somewhat difficult; the Google-search of 3D images, called "3D Warehouse", has an extensive collection of files but most are incompatible.

Group Project Log 6: Adding Content

These are the tasks we want to finish up this week.

Finish audio recordings
Add to text, copy and paste beige bar
Add book covers, pictures
Add hyperlinks to author/book/subject Wikipedia pages, Goodreads pages, full-text versions on or Project Gutenburg
Check indenting
Check italics on citations
Rename Section/Chapter names

Add border on front matter
Ask about video
Add audio recording to preface
Find out the picture situation

WPA Outcomes Project Log

So today our project seems to be moving pretty slow considering we are missing a valuable team member, Carson! Sam is doing his best to finish up the indesign part of our group project while I am struggling with the iPad part that Carson usually helps with. Still, I believe we are on the right track to finish our project on time and do a great job as well. Hopefully the next time we meet out of class the MATRF will be open!

Project Log #4:

I was planning to work on iBooks Author quite a bit over Thanksgiving break, but of course this did not happen with a large
family and a paper due today. In these next two weeks, I have a lot to accomplish, and I plan to start NOW! I have created a
checklist of things to do:

1) Make the video for the opening media into a usable file. Currently, it is a .wmv file, but Dr. Blakesley said he will be able to
convert this file using a computer in the lab. I will make sure to ask him about this tomorrow in class.