Project Log Week 8: More Assets

I’m currently still collecting assets for my individual project. I’ve started to edit the public domain images I’ve found to suit my needs. This involves adding color or changing the image slightly. For example I have an image of a cottage that I would like to use but in order for it to fit where I want it to, I need to have the cottage be on fire. I’ve also downloaded some of the free images I’ve found into my dropbox folder. I’ve also collected a fair amount of free audio files I’m going to use as sound effects.

Platforming Books

As more technology is invented and distributed, publishers are forced to accommodate their products to fit that technology. We've seen it in e-books, iPad editions, and online sources. In his article, Craig Mod describes the different platforms and technology available for books to become something more than just paper and ink. By platforms, Mod suggests the foundation that different kinds of e-books are built upon.

Group Project Log 1: Assigning Roles and Gathering Assets

Meagan, Caroline, and Chelsie have begun a Pinterest pinboard to collect ideas for the overall look/layout of the iBook. Because Meagan has graphic design experience, she is putting together some prototypes for page designs based on our ideas and the existing cover of the book. She is also going to identify possible font and color schemes.

To begin making a list of possible assets, we've divided up the text into thirds. After a tentative list is compiled, Caroline and Chelsie are going to start compiling assets and downloading them into the Dropbox folder.

Project Log Entry 2: Content Collecting

Searching for content to put into my e-book has made me realize just how criminally deviant I am. I didn't know how hard it is to find pictures that I am legally allowed to use until I started working on this project. All of the resources that I typically use to find pictures (Google Images, deviantArt, Etsy, etc.) are now suddenly unavailable to me and the few that are available to me aren't a lot more helpful.

Project Log #2: Tweaks

I have began collecting images and other forms of media for my project. However, after I met with Dr. Blakesley, he suggested I narrow the scope of my audience in order to make it less comprehensive. He suggested I focus on a particular lifestyle or activity. He gave me the example of reading books. How can I create a fitness magazine for people who love reading books? How can this activity be incorporated into every aspect of health?

Ebooks Good Enough?

I chose to read the article about are ebooks good enough already. Honestly, i think the devices that have come out lately for ebooks are very advanced. These machines such as the ipad, ipod, kindle, etc... seem to be making ebooks much better and way more popular than they have been in the past. This being said, for the time being I believe the machines out have made ebooks good enough....for now. But I also believe that there is room for improvement not that I exactly would know how to do anything about but I am sure the scientists and technicians are already addressing.

Collaborative Book Project


In groups of three or four, you'll develop an interactive, multi-touch, multimedia book from existing (verbal) content, with an eye for enhancing the content with multimedia components and interactivity, which might include integration with social media. In this case, you'll develop the book for the iPad and other platforms in both iBook and ePub/HTML 5 formats. You'll be able to choose your project from a list provided to you. Some of the work may involve working with authors or client organizations. Graduate students will act as team leaders. Each group member will contribute to a team project log. Graduate students will serve as team leaders.

Like the individual project, this collaborative project will involve production, design, distribution, promotion, and publication of one multi-touch book for the iPad using iBooks Author and supporting software. Your book will need to include interactive elements and multiple media (sound, video, images, etc.), collected in cooperation with the book's authors or editors. The project will extend over the entire semester, but there will be milestones to meet along the way so that you can receive progress grades. Your work will involve working directly with a client (such as an author or editor). You'll be asked to keep a team project log to help manage the process and elicit feedback. At the end of the semester, you'll present your project with your team at the Showcase in the new Publishing and Design Studio. You'll also learn how to submit this book to the iBookstore for wider distribution. (20% of course grade.)

Available Projects

Project Log: The story so far

I am going forward with my original idea for this project: an interactive mystery story featuring GPS tracking and augmented reality, one designed to immerse the user in the experience of following leads and collecting evidence. It will be designed for Clemson students and feature primarily easily accessible locations on campus. There may even be some vaguely true historical facts about Thomas Green Clemson, but it will mostly focus on his hidden cache of civil war gold and the legacy of blood that surrounds it.