Ideas worth their weight in gold?!

Watchell got me thinking about the value of ideas. I recently told my ENGL 103 students that a sentence is basically one discreet unit of thought-- humans rely on spoken language and "written language" (hegemony of print; includes all forms of communicating with symbols including texting with a phone and using hand sign language) to compose these infobits, which are transferable between brains.

Dinosaur Publishers

Wachtell thinks “long-form” texts or “lofties” are vitally important in our society for several reasons. First, it is our history. Books are keys to the past. Books are integral in the communication of expertise, creative ideas, and innovations. Simply put, history would be extraordinarily different without books. Secondly, long-form books are a part of our past. Losing these books would take away a huge portion of our past communication. In addition, lofties require a great amount of time, effort, money, and work. “Lofty ideas do not come cheap” (3).

Project Log 1: Revised Topic Proposal

After reading the comments on my original topic proposal, I want to stick with my idea and take the concept further. I really liked the suggestion to integrate trip advisor links and reviews into my epub. I used trip advisor and several other sites like it through out my travels to find my way around different cities. I also really liked the idea of integrating my sketches into the book and having the user trace along or draw their own based on pictures and panoramic that I include.

Project Log for Week 4: Turkey Takes Shape

The peer review comments were extremely helpful in devising a format for my ebook “An Interactive Guide to Turkey Hunting.” The fact that everyone in the class knows so little about the sport gave me some terrific ideas that I had never thought of. The best idea I read was the quiz at the beginning of the book. This quiz could act as a starting point for the reader. Based on the knowledge of the reader, the quiz will then take them to the section that they should begin on.

Extinction vs. Evolution

Diane Wachtell’s article makes a very good point but I believe she leaves out something important. She states that it isn’t the book in printed form that is important but just “long form” texts. She rightly points out that these texts “for centuries have been the primary vehicle through which creative, illuminating, controversial, and important ideas have been communicated.” (1-2) That our culture has been rocked by books. That we have progressed, analyzed, and realized ourselves through books. Texts make readers contemplate their society and their world.

Endangered Lofties

Wachtell thinks “long-form” texts are vitally important because “for centuries have been the primary vehiclethrough which creative, illuminating, controversial, and important ideas have been communicated.” She is absolutely 100 percent correct! Books are the world’s database. Everything that we know about this Earth has been written in a book at some point for the sole purpose of preserving the knowledge and information.

Losing the Book

Wachtell made a clear distinction between books and “long-form” text. Long-form texts are simply what go into the physical book. It is the thought, creativity, and actual words that make up long-form text. Wachtell points out that they are a vital part of our world’s history. As long as history can be traced, long-form texts are a major part of our cultures way of communicating. If they were to disappear, how would thoughts, ideas, and history be translated to future generations. Readers would no longer have complex works to read and build creativity and expand their knowledge.

Individual Project Log 1: Topic Proposal

Based on the comments from the other members of the class, I have decided to make enhanced versions of 2 to 4 short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. These enhanced short stories are intended for young people (10-18), who may not have an interest or even know about Poe outside of required reading in school. I hope that by making a more immersive experience, young readers will want to try out this kind of fiction, which hopefully will then develop into an interest in similar stories and authors.