Interactive Inventors: My Individual Project

This semester, I will contribute a interactive version of Inventors Digest that may be read on the iPad. Using previously accumulated content, I hope to commit a selected issue that will incorporate sound, music, and possibly zoom and touch, etc to engage the reader far beyond the means of a tangible magazine. The ebook is the future! Since this magazine is geared towards the inventor community, I need to be innovative and forward thinking since my genre of readers is already experienced in innovation and design.

Fetishism: Old-World Romantic Seeking Partner to Correspond Through Letters Only

I am continually surprised by the reluctance of readers (especially those of my generation) to embrace the electronic book. I swear I've heard all of the responses mentioned in the "Of Two Minds" article, my favorite being "the smell of the paper." Seriously? I have never understood an obsession with musty paper and crumbling glue. I guess I was the only kid at the library who liked to request collection purchases just so I could get the book before any other patrons.

Ebook Haters

The “lingering hegemony of print” is so persistent because the printed book has been in existence for an incredible amount of time. It is unreasonable for people to think that society should immediately switch to a different form. I have grown up reading printed books, and I have begun to feel the pressure for ebooks intensifying.

Project Proposal

My individual project is going to be an iBooks version of The Uses of Grammar by Rodby and Winterowd, published by Parlor Press. The text uses a rhetorical framework to discuss a range of grammar/usage topics.

The interactive elements of the iBook will include audio recordings, live video recordings, Camtasia video recordings, review quizzes, and HTML5 widgets. All of the digital assets will be created specifically for this project using volunteer actors and creative commons media. The HTML5 widgets will be created using Tumult Hype.

Topic Proposal for Individual Project--Emily

I began exploring today the idea of making an e-book that analyzes film, simply because I know in the past I've written papers on films that have been successful all but for the fact that I couldn't easily show the reader examples of what I was trying to prove. Writing a thesis about film in e-book form sounds like an excellent way to get around that problem. I believe being able to show clips from film throughout the text would be an interesting and fun way to incorporate such media into a nonfiction e-book.

Topic Proposal

For the individual project, I’m interested in creating an interacting “eMagazine.” The type of magazine that I’d like the mimic is one similar to Women’s Health, Prevention, or SHAPE. With the genre of a magazine, I could incorporate many different interactive tools into the various articles. For example, Prevention magazine includes various sections such as health, weight loss, fitness, food, and beauty. For the fitness part of the magazine I could incorporate instructional videos or interactive diagrams for different stretches and exercises.