Project log

Over break I worked a lot on ibook author. I used keynote to make several slide shows for my book. These will enable children to look further into each artifact if they want. I am going to be making the voice clips and videos this week. I have scripts written for them all, and a friend who will be the "actor" in them for me. I have most of the layouts done for the pages. I think that I have three left to create as long as none of my plans change. I need to gather a few more pictures to complete the book.

Project Log 4

Today I'm going to assemble as much of the videos and text as possible into the final version. I'd also like to try and streamline design a little bit, which could help the overall appeal of the book. One issue is that the you be the judge rating system is not as far along as I would have liked. After testing numerous different models for this implementation I have decided that the best way to accomplish this goal is with html forms, mysql tables, javascript go between, and an html table for final display.

Change of Plans, Peeps! (Individual Project Log 4)

Great news (and actually, this is great news), my ebook is taking a completely different turn. Due to way more issues than I have fingers, I have transferred my initial interactive magazine into a Mayberry inspired vegetarian cookbook for family and friends to learn and enjoy. Coming from a family of once vegan but now just plant friendly people, my younger sister and I will connect our vegetarian dishes and the iPad to make a baller (and most importantly healthy) cookbook.

WPA Outcomes Project Log

Our WPA Outcomes group has been making big strides concerning our assets and physical book both in InDesign and iBooks Author. The contributors of our book were immensely helpful and very eager to help our group's cause. We exchanged numerous emails that Dr. Blakesly was able to facilitate. With the newly acquired assets we were able to begin enhancing our ebook on iBooks Author. We are working out the kinks in both operating systems but making steady progress.

Morte d'Arthur Group Project Log 5

Our group is making great progress on finishing the epub version of our book. We have styled the table of contents, added page breaks as needed, adjusted the marginialia box size, removed excess/blank pages, and added the cover image. At the moment, the only things left for us to do in our ebooks is to adjust where the margin boxes lie within the text. Each of us is taking our 30 chapters and moving the references to the older version to the beginning of the appropriate sentences.

Strategy Behind Making Books Free

O'Reilly has to have a strategy. I think his strategy is similarly different to what Mod discussed when he made the content of Art Space Tokyo free via the website. However, their strategies differ in that Mod's free content is only available via the website. To gain access to a book version of Art Space Tokyo, you need to purchase it. O'Reilly's giving his formatted copy away for free. So he has to have some reason for doing, meaning it has paid off or he thinks it will. So, my initial thought on the sustainability of "gift economies" is that it is possible.

If it's free it's me

The shift towards the digital harkens a drastic change in how people consume media; the music industry, for example, has struggled to maintain control over its intellectual property in a world where audio files can be easily ripped, copied, burned, uploaded to YouTube or, God forbid, hosted on a P2P torrenting website.

Buy One Get One Free

O’Reilly seems to take the same standpoint as Craig Mod. And like Mod, I think that O’Reilly will benefit from this. People like free things. Why else are we constantly bombarded with “buy one, get one free?” (especially as holiday season intrudes upon us) By giving this book to readers for free, O’Reilly is possibly placing their name in people’s heads. When you want to buy a book, instructive or otherwise, why not check O’Reilly first? It might be free and if not, well, still buy it from them because you like that the company is willing to give things to their readers.