Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log 4

We (Emily, Laura, and Will) met again on Monday, October 29 at 10:30am. We met to update each other on the progress of thumbnail creation for each of our assigned chapters. All the thumbnails have not been created yet, but we have all made significant progress in the process. At the meeting, we decided as a group that an individual thumbnail can appear more than once as long as it is not in consecutive chapters. Throughout the next week, we will continue to create thumbnails individually while also searching for more images to include within the chapters.

Individual Project Log 4: Hands on iBooks

Now that I've collected most, if not all, of the assets I need for The Tell-Tale Heart enhanced story I'm attempting to create, it's time to actually jump into iBooks Author. My basic outline for the story is as follows: cover, opening creepy video to introduce the idea of the story (more to create a feeling of unease than any kind of direct set up for the story), TOC, and then jump right into the story. The beating heart sound occurs towards the end of the story, and the beginning sections will be spaced out accordingly to reveal enough of the story to warrant a page turn.

WPA Outcomes Statement Becomes Exciting

Craig Mod’s video started out with an interesting anecdote about reading The Stranger by Camus in a foreign country. He was at a hotel and took out his book to read it. The lady next to him also took out her book to read, and she too was reading The Stranger. He felt connected with this stranger. On the other hand, consider this same incident but with a Kindle; the romanticism vanishes. Because the Kindle can carry many books many miles, there is no longer this coincidental chance. Physical books have memories and figurative parallels. Many people have an issue with giving these up.

Project Log Week 10: Starting iBook Author

I’ve started to put my story into iBooks Author. The first couple of times I sat down with the program, I was quickly frustrated but now I’m getting the hang of it. The one feature I am using the most is the bookmark option. This is how I am creating choices in my story that can link to different areas in the book. It is also allowing me to create a bar at the bottom to keep track of which choices the reader has made so they can return to any part of the story if they would like.

Individual Project Log

In order to move my individual project forward, I've continued to scan in tickets and other images from my time in Italy. I've started to organize everything into the cities I want to highlight. So far it's looking like:

Sauze d' oulx

I also want small sections on the train system and how the airports work in Italy as well. I've also gone through my travel notebooks and pulled out the "things I wish I had known."