Lookin' Good there, Burke

This evening, Chelsie, Meagan, and I got together to work on the templates we'd like to use in our Burke ebook- dare I say it, they are riveting. Just kidding. But not really. Things are looking good! With a complied list of assets and outline of where we hope to develop, our group is organizing things into dropbox folders and has planned out the next 7 weeks of the project- I think we all agree that the more consistent until the end of the semester, the better!

The Pros and Cons of iBooks Author

This article presented several ideas that will be useful in the development of my book project, especially since I don’t know much about iBooks Author in the first place. For example, I learned a lot about layout. Not all pages in a specific section must have the same layout. This will give me some versatility and allow me to create visual appeal to my pages. I also like that there are word processor features such as spell check, chart creation, tables, etc. Other nifty features include the PDF support for images, the availability of widgets, video content, and the 3D content.

Knowing My Own Limitations

Reading through Girard's review had me categorizing and noting things I should be aware of moving forward in my work with iBooks Author. Sadly, I find that I'll be limited in more ways than I expected to be... I'm tempted to administer a System Usability Scale (SUS) to evaluate iBooks Author and see how well it performs. Either that, or I've been spending too much time working on usability studies.

Notes to self:

Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log 3

Laura, Will and Emily emailed each other and decided to meet on Monday, October 22nd at 10:30am. For the meeting, each had decided to start collecting images and to read/skim their selected chapters.The group met and discussed their images and how to create thumbnails for each of their chapters. We reported the problems that had we had run into during the collection of assets for this project. We also started to assign images that we had found for each of the chapters.


The main thing that interested me about the iBook article was its focus on textbook-like books. Which makes sense, seeing as iBooks seems to be geared towards textbooks. This is a problem for me, however, because I plan on making a children's book for my individual project. It doesn't seem to support as many large picture-small text overlay formatting. My idea of this might change once I am able to play around with the software, but this article shows that it may be difficult. That being said, I do see the benefits of using iBooks author if you want to create a textbook.

Print Fetishes

I used to have a print fetish. And I still do, in a way. I love the way books look on my bookshelf and the knowledge that I've read, or at least started, almost all of them. I love having the classics in nice editions decorating my shelves, even though I can get most of them free on my Kindle. And when I get published, I want to have my book in hardback, not just on my Kindle. As far as publishing goes, I think a physical book just makes it more real, especially for a burgeoning author.

Group Project Log: Brainstorming and abstractifying

The WPA Outcomes Statement: A Decade Later is an anthology of essays about writing instruction. My first impression of the book was that it was certainly designed by academics, for academics; it resembles a conference in its format, with panels arranged according to theme and works extensively cited. Keeping this and the audience in mind, our group has developed a solid approach to make the document more cohesive, more personable, and more intuitive.

Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log 2

Our group is still skimming the text and collecting assets. We have divided the book into 3 sections. Will took the first 20 chapters, I have the middle 20 chapters, and Emily is skimming the last 20 pages. Each of us is looking for thumbnails for each of our chapters and looking through the text to find related images through wikimedia commons and creative commons. We hope to get ideas for images from the editor once we contact her.