It's going to take time!!

Time. I think it will take time to move beyond the print fetish. Just like any new coming technology, it takes time for a new item to become popular and common house hold object. I think the younger generations will probably be much more accepting of ebooks just because they have been exposed to it much more than our generation and older ones. Ebooks will also have to prove to people that they are “better” than actual books. They will have to provide readers with something that enhances the experience of reading and makes it more enjoyable. People attitudes have to change.

Group Project log 1

Our group met, and we established a timeline for the month of October. Towards the end of October, we will reassess the timeline based off of what we hear from our books authors. Our timeline follows:

By October 18th- established sample templates, rough sketches of templates, and a font hierarchy. We also plan to have become familiar with our text, and we will have outlined possible ways to enhance graphics, images, and etc. We will also hold a group meeting this day. Goals for meeting include:

Platforming Too Far?

I believe that Craig Mod could sell a used car for more than it was worth brand new. The man can sell some ideas because he fully invests and believes in them. Quite frankly though, I am a little confused by platforming. I believe Mod is talking about purchasing a form of a text and offer it to others via internet in all types of forms. Sure it sounds awesome, but damn what about the author or artist of the work? Are they going to have any compensation or credit for their work? Or is it going to just be a new and improved kazaa for text instead of music.

Writers: Jumpin' from a Platform Here?

This platform is going to do more than give those who buy books alternative routes to the text, it will (God willing) spread knowledge like wildfire... if things go according to Mod's plan and this marketing tool engages other publishers. To take a purchased text and offer it to others via internet or Ereader is one thing, but I think this pushes the narrative of the platform forward and poses the notion that sharing with a friend who did not purchase the text will happen. They could enter an internet access code and viola, weekly reading!

Not an Island

To platform a book means to make it usable across various forms of resources. This could be anything from an eReader to an actual printed book to the internet. Mod discusses all of the different things that have to go into each format. Each of the formats that books can be presented in changes small things in the book. This has the capability to make each reading of the same text somewhat unique. One of the most interesting things that Mod said was that the problem used to be getting the material into the format, but now, the problem is how the eReader affects the text.

Individual Project Log 3: Assets

After choosing The Tell-Tale Heart, I began to search for assets that could possibly serve as enhancements for the iBook version. Of course, I got the text from Project Gutenburg, and then I found some great public domain images on Wikimedia of Poe along with illustrations actually based on the story. I also found several heartbeat sound effects (free of charge and royalties) that will serve as excellent enhancements for the latter part of the story.

Morte D'Arthur Collaborative Project Group Log

Work on the e-book versions of Dorsey Armstrong's translation of Morte D'Arthur is coming along smoothly. Our group intends to do an epub version as well as an iBooks Author version of the book. Both versions will have illustrations from the era that the book was written and from artists who've chosen to depict events from the story in more recent centuries. We aim to make both versions more colorful than the current print version and have considered making the headings at the top of each page the same bold red color as can be found on the cover of the print book.