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Project Completed - Available Means of Persuasion

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Our iba and ibook are uploaded to the Completed Books folder of Dropbox. Today we formatted the Title page, proofread the ibook for errors, and changed the pagination to reflect the paperback book. Yesterday we changed the figure notes beneath images to captions in order to maintain consistency and reduce fluctuation of the body text. The images within the table of contents were loaded and formatted. We appreciate the continued support of our professor who let us keep the current layout of our table of contents.

Outlaws Project Log

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The project is now mostly complete. The ibooks version is done except for the last chapter and the epub version is all ready minus the meta data. Once these two aspects of the project are done, then Medieval Outlaws will have a new epub and ibooks version. There are still a lot of tweaks left before its ready for publication though, so I will have to spend some time outlining these problem areas in my submission notes. Overall, this has been a rewarding but challenging project, but I think the end results will be good.

11.30.12 - Available Means Collaborative Update

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Since we've conducted most of our updates verbally with Dr. Blakesley, we've been remiss about updating them on the blog. So, here's our mega update.

Jillian and Abby created templates for the iBooks Author version of The Available Means early in November. We worked from one of the existing templates and adapted it to the needs of the text. We formatted each chapter page template with a horizontal image that runs across the top of the page. We plan to use different sections from the image from the book's cover along the top of each chapter page.

Medieval Outlaws Project Log

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The Medieval Outlaws project is in full swing. The google maps are in development with many of the landmarks already selected and some base icons chosen to make the maps uniform. Dr. Blakesley suggested that we focus on the larger stories so that they were as detailed as possible since they are the main highlights of the book, so we're concentrating on Robin Hood and William Wallace at the moment. I've got a couple 3D images from Google's sketch up warehouse and I may try to incorporate those as well.

Group Project log 1

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Our group met, and we established a timeline for the month of October. Towards the end of October, we will reassess the timeline based off of what we hear from our books authors. Our timeline follows:

By October 18th- established sample templates, rough sketches of templates, and a font hierarchy. We also plan to have become familiar with our text, and we will have outlined possible ways to enhance graphics, images, and etc. We will also hold a group meeting this day. Goals for meeting include: