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Project Log Entry 5: Das Ende

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After spending weeks researching the Grimm brothers and searching for public domain images and other media to go along with what I found out, The Enchanted Grimms' Fairytales is finally complete. And surprisingly, putting it all together was much easier than I expected. Although I was terrified earlier in the semester that I would have no idea what I was doing when it finally was time for me to begin putting content in my iBook, the actual making of the iBook went smoothly. I undoubtedly owe it to the selection of articles Dr. Blakesley had us read.

Online Articles

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I want to respond to Lee Bessette's "Print Fetish" article with another article (found here) mostly because her tweet about "the 'temporary' nature of the digital" is, in some cases, dead on. The article that I posted I was asked to read for another English class in order to grasp a better understanding of online literary magazines.

Director's Cut Ebooks

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Reading Bob Stein's account of his involvement in the history of ebooks was incredibly fascinating. I was struck by the close association of early ebooks with film and the forerunner of DVD extras. Stein also addresses this relationship in his Q&A about the future of the book. The ebook had its roots in a media-rich collection of "extras," then migrated more and more toward a traditional print text, and is now slowly making its way back toward multimedia.