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Individual Project Log: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

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I began filming my introductory video last weekend (having finally recovered from a not-so-common cold), and while I was filming I thought of a completely different opening and enhancements for The Tell-Tale Heart. The opening video, which I need to rewrite, will essentially serve as a Foreword/Introduction in video form. In it, I will explain what the reader is about to experience while still trying to maintain a sense of unease and foreboding. I will attempt to emulate classic openings by Hitchcock or Vincent Price in the opening video.

Individual Project Log 4: Hands on iBooks

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Now that I've collected most, if not all, of the assets I need for The Tell-Tale Heart enhanced story I'm attempting to create, it's time to actually jump into iBooks Author. My basic outline for the story is as follows: cover, opening creepy video to introduce the idea of the story (more to create a feeling of unease than any kind of direct set up for the story), TOC, and then jump right into the story. The beating heart sound occurs towards the end of the story, and the beginning sections will be spaced out accordingly to reveal enough of the story to warrant a page turn.

iBooks Author: Boring Layouts

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Dave Girard’s article spoke about the frustrations I have been having with iBooks Author as I start playing around with it. One of the first things he notices about the program is that it is really geared towards textbooks with its templates. There is no blank template and it takes a lot of work to change the original templates into something that doesn’t scream “boring school books.” I also don’t like how you have to have a table of contents. Girard makes this observation and I had already noticed it. I’m doing a choose your own adventure book so I can’t have a table of contents.

iBooks Author...good or bad?

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I can’t decide if this article scared me, or if it made me feel better. I defiantly like that it is easy to use. The whole concept of creating an iBook from start to finish is very daunting, but iBooks Author makes it a much more approachable concept. I feel like was designed for people who might not be so good at other programs like InDesign. I was excited to read about the widgets which will help make my book more interactive which is one of my main goals. The question and answer widget also seemed very interesting.

iBook Simplicity

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There are so many possibilities that ibooks author has made a reality. I absolutely love ibooks author for its simplicity and ease of use. I will be the first to admit that I know little about computers and even less about Adobe InDesign. I do not like it at all. I find it unnatural and very deceiving. iBooks Author seems to me like a Microsoft Powerpoint for publishing books. It is just as easy and has some of the same features such as premade templates, chart creation, tables, etc... For a free apple app I believe iBooks Author to be awesome and super easy.


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I wished we'd read the "Apple's iBooks Author: The iTunes of Self-Publishing Apps?" article much earlier in the semester because finally(!) I understand what we're doing in this class. Perhaps it was my lack of listening skills or my lack of technological savvy that prevented me from comprehending what we were doing up 'til now. By the number of questions I ask (about everything, not just what's going on in class), I'd say it's probable that I need fuller explanations than most, so maybe we can leave the explanation with that.

Hooked on iBooks?

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Even with the corporate limitations of iBooks Author, the free program allows users to create their own publications to be viewed on their iPads. On a small scale it allows for individuals to share their photographs, portfolios, stories, and anything else in digital format with other individuals. But on a larger scale it allows individuals to digitally publish and share their work with a larger body of people. They can potentially profit from their work. Outside of the accessibility, iBooks Author lets the user to customize their presentation to whatever level they want.

The Pros and Cons of iBooks Author

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This article presented several ideas that will be useful in the development of my book project, especially since I don’t know much about iBooks Author in the first place. For example, I learned a lot about layout. Not all pages in a specific section must have the same layout. This will give me some versatility and allow me to create visual appeal to my pages. I also like that there are word processor features such as spell check, chart creation, tables, etc. Other nifty features include the PDF support for images, the availability of widgets, video content, and the 3D content.

Knowing My Own Limitations

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Reading through Girard's review had me categorizing and noting things I should be aware of moving forward in my work with iBooks Author. Sadly, I find that I'll be limited in more ways than I expected to be... I'm tempted to administer a System Usability Scale (SUS) to evaluate iBooks Author and see how well it performs. Either that, or I've been spending too much time working on usability studies.

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