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Project Log: Pianos and Panoramas

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I have been neglecting my individual project in favor of my group one in recent weeks, but I made a significant amount of progress over the weekend. I have finalized the overall layout of my iBook, so all that remains is to fill it with as much content as possible. I still have need of a few specific photos that I will probably try to shoot myself this week before the showcase. I have written a good deal of original prose for my book, but it will be difficult to complete the story in a staisfactory manner by the end of this semester.

Project Log: 3D Objects

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I spent some time over Thanksgiving break looking for premade 3D images that I could include in my iBook; having messed around with 3D modeling in high school I know it would take too much time to do it myself (plus I don't have the software anymore). Due to the fact that iBooks Author only accepts 3D files of the COLLADA format my search was made somewhat difficult; the Google-search of 3D images, called "3D Warehouse", has an extensive collection of files but most are incompatible.

Project log

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Over break I worked a lot on ibook author. I used keynote to make several slide shows for my book. These will enable children to look further into each artifact if they want. I am going to be making the voice clips and videos this week. I have scripts written for them all, and a friend who will be the "actor" in them for me. I have most of the layouts done for the pages. I think that I have three left to create as long as none of my plans change. I need to gather a few more pictures to complete the book.

Change of Plans, Peeps! (Individual Project Log 4)

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Great news (and actually, this is great news), my ebook is taking a completely different turn. Due to way more issues than I have fingers, I have transferred my initial interactive magazine into a Mayberry inspired vegetarian cookbook for family and friends to learn and enjoy. Coming from a family of once vegan but now just plant friendly people, my younger sister and I will connect our vegetarian dishes and the iPad to make a baller (and most importantly healthy) cookbook.

Individual Project Update

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The presentation for the president's council went well, they were all very interested in our projects and the power of the technology that we were using. So now it's just a matter of finishing up the pages. I have a few last minute images/tickets to scan in and photoshop. Excited to see the final product!

Individual Project Log 7: Formatting and Adding Assets

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I've gotten just about all the text flowed into iBooks Author. Thankfully, I was able to preserve most of the source formatting by using the "paste and retain formatting" feature. I just need to go through and double-check my indents and bullets/numbering (which were, sadly, not preserved).

More good news: I was able to copy and paste the diagram images from the text directly from InDesign to iBooks Author! I was afraid that I would have to manually convert each one to an image file or something.

Project Log: Fidgeting with widgets

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I've begun building my Mystery story in iBooks author; I have designed the cover, I am extremely pleased with the Intro Video, and they layout I have chosen for the Chapter pages looks pretty dang cool-- for each location that is a part of the story I include a full-page photo along with a brief entry from the book's protagonist (actually technically the reader is the main protagonist). So far I have fleshed out the chapters for Cooper Library and Fort Hill, the first two locations my readers will visit as they unravel the clues.