Week 1, Aug. 24

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Thursday, August 23

Group Activities

  • Introduction to the course and each other.
  • Review carefully the Course Description, paying particular attention to all requirements. It is important that you become very familiar with the course policies so you can understand what is expected of you in this class.

In-Class and On Your Own

Exploring the class website:

  • Complete Getting Started 1: Registering on the Site, Getting Started 2: Logging in for the First Time, and Getting Started 3: Editing Your Account for the First Time
  • Read Learning to Navigate the Site. Then explore the class website. Make sure that you login; some class website features are not available to guests. It'll be easier as we move forward if you take the time now to explore. Get familiar with where things are located, which links take you further into the class website and which take you outside to other resources.
  • I've created a post on the course home page inviting you to introduce yourself. Post a comment to that post in which you
    • describe where you are from
    • give your course of study and year in the graduate program
    • talk about your areas of interest and career goals
    • tell what you would like to get out of this course
    • describe one of your favorite books and what you like about it

For Tuesday, August 28

  • Reading: Steven Johnson, "How the eBook Will Change the Way We Read and Write" (Dropbox; filename: Johnson-ebooks-WSJ.pdf)
  • Reading Response: Post a response to Steven Johnson's article that addresses one of these questions: 1) What's the most important or interesting thing you learned about the relation between ebooks and reading/writing? 2) Johnson published this article in 2009. To what extent have his predictions come to pass? 3) How have eBooks changed your reading or writing? Use the tags: reading response and any others that you wish. (Use all lower case for tags for consistency.)
  • Be sure to post your Introduction as a comment to my post on our front page.
  • Dropbox: You'll receive an invitation to join a Dropbox folder that we'll use throughout the semester to share files. Many course readings have already been put there. You should install the Dropbox client if you haven't already.