Week 16, Dec. 4

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Tuesday, Dec. 4

  • Reading: No reading response due today
  • On Your Own: Complete work on your book projects.
  • Collecting Books for the Showcase: Put your ibooks and epub files in the "Showcase Books" folder in Dropbox (shared with everyone today).

Submitting Your Projects at the End of the Semester

Your individual iBook project and Collaborative Book Projects are due for presentation at our Showcase on December 6. I will give you one extra day to submit all your materials to the folders (described below), so the files mentioned here should be deposited by the end of day on December 7. You'll need to have the following files completed:

  • iBooks (.ibooks) version of your individual project; for this project, you only need to submit the .ibooks file (see the directions below)
  • ePub (.epub) version of the Collaborative Book Project; for this project, your group should submit the completed .epub file and the InDesign file that you used to generate it (see below for directions)
  • iBooks (.ibooks and .iba) version of the Collaborative Book Project; for this project, you should submit both the "published" iBook and the iBook Author files.

Submitting Your Individual Project: Share a Dropbox folder with david.blakesley@gmail.com that includes a subfolder called "Final iBook." (The folder you share can be your working folder for the project.) Once I retrieve your file, I'll "leave" the folder so that you can do whatever you'd like with it after the semester. For the file name, use a descriptive title, with no spaces (you can use an underscore_ to seperate words). I would also like you to include a short (half-page) description of your book project, something that could be used as the book description if it were to be published in the iBookstore (for example).

Submitting Your Collaborative Project: Place the finished .epub and final InDesign file in a subfolder of the project's Dropbox folder called "Completed Books." In addition to submitting the books, your team should prepare a one-page document called "Submission Notes" that describes things like a) the special features of your book(s), if any; b) any remaining fixes or challenges; c) notes to someone who might need to work on the book(s) further (e.g., what will they need to know? to do?)

I'll also want each team member to complete a short collaborative project evaluation form (attached below as a Word doc) and submit to me independently by email and no later than December 7.

Thursday, December 6

  • Showcase in 1941 Studio: Set up at 9:00; event runs from 9:30 to 11:00 am.

Be sure to turn in all your work by the end of the day on December 7. Email your collaborative project evaluation form to Dr. B (dblakes@clemson.edu) also.