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Faculty | English | Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences | Marquette University

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 06:33
. English:Faculty: OFFICE LOCATION & CONTACT Marquette Hall 115A (414) 288-7179E-mail Professor Department Chair Rhetoric and composition is my primary field of…

New Truths That Only One Can See

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 06:57


Sun, 01/12/2014 - 09:09

Kenneth Burke: 2MinuteThinker

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 19:45

Views: Attitudes Toward Kenneth Burke - Inside Higher Ed

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 07:10
“I am not a donkey,” Max Weber once said, “and I do not have a field.” And yet it is always possible to label Weber as a sociologist without unduly provoking…

Philosomemes | Gotta love some Permanence and Change! Working the...

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 12:30
Gotta love some Permanence and Change! Working the Kenneth Burke!

Tools for Thinking -

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 06:12
A few months ago, Steven Pinker of Harvard asked a smart question: What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit? David Brooks The…

ns 71-72 (Winter/Spring 2009) // the minnesota review

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 05:54
ns 73-74 | Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Hillis Miller has been a bellwether of academic literary criticism for the past fifty years. Trained at Harvard when it was a…

The Ashtray: This Contest of Interpretation (Part 5) -

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 05:22
This is part five of a five-part series. 5. THIS CONTEST OF INTERPRETATION Steven Weinberg has written eloquently in The New York Review of Books about Kuhn and…

The Ashtray: The Author of the 'Quixote' (Part 4) -

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 05:19
This is part four of a five-part series. 4. THE AUTHOR OF THE QUIXOTE I have suggested that Kuhn had created his own reductio ad absurdum – not unlike the proof…

The Ashtray: Hippasus of Metapontum (Part 3) -

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 05:16
This is part three of a five-part series. 3. HIPPASUS OF METAPONTUM Incommensurable. It is a strange word. I wondered, why did Kuhn choose it? What was the…

The Ashtray: Shifting Paradigms (Part 2) -

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 05:16
This is part two of a five-part series. 2. SHIFTING PARADIGMS Saul Kripke is considered one of the seminal thinkers of our time. Philosophers can and will…

The Ashtray: The Ultimatum (Part 1) -

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 05:16
This is part one of a five-part series. 1. THE ULTIMATUM I don’t want to die in a language I can’t understand. — Jorge Luis Borges (as quoted in Alberto…