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Irony, Context, and Danny Kaye

In seeking a key term for the pattern of thought underlying the works of Anatole France, Mr. Chevalier (in The Ironic Temper: Anatole France and His Times holds that an insistence upon France's irony as a central fact makes possible "an organic account of the contradictory elements in the man himself." By his interpretation ...

Timely Symbols...

“A symbol probably loses its vitality when the kinds of cooperation it promotes – and with which its destiny is united – have ceased to be serviceable. The symbol of bourgeois nationalism is in such a state of decay to-day, for instance – hence the attempt of Communists to put the symbol of class in its place” (Burke , Revolutionary Symbolism in America 268)

Communication Triangle - with Piety

I would even go further in trying to establish this notion of piety as a response which extends through all the texture of our lives but has been concealed from us because we think we are so thoroughly without religion and think that the 'pious process' is confined to the sphere of churchliness. Bentham discovered that poetry (a poor brand of poetry) is implicit in our very speech. For our words affect us and our hearers by drawing upon the wells of emotion behind them. We cannot speak the mother-tongue without employing the rhetorical devices of a Roman orator.

Persuasion Tactics

Ideology. Expanding our earlier discussion of ideology: If people believe something, the poet can use this belief to get an effect. (161)

Trans-lation. Art.

Art is a translation, and every translation is a compromise (although, be it noted, a compromise which may have new virtues of its own, virtues not part of the original). (Counter-Statement, 54)

Getting to Know You... Getting to Know All About You...

A Midwestern city outside of Chicago, Elgin contains its own prairie, dairy aristocracy. One of the best claims to fame of the still growing city (over 100k last I checked) is the internationally renowned Elgin Watch Factory around the turn of the 20th century into the 1920s, which my grandfather worked at for a time.

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