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Mystery of Language

The ultimate origins of language seem to me as mysterious as the origins of the universe itself. One must view it, I feel, simply as the "given." (44)

Licensed to...

Order, the Secret, and the Kill. To study the nature of rhetoric, the relation between rhetoric and dialectic, and the application of both to human relations in general, is to circulate about these three motives. (265)

In this Burke discusses the motivation of hierarchy (Order), mystery (Secret), and conquest (Kill). It is fascinating how he discusses dialectic as the means to Kill, and the Kill as a mode of dialectic. This triad of motives brings forth the image of the Illuminati for me. Conspiracy, hidden authority, and obsession of control.

Poetry of Evil?

Did you ever do a friend an injury by accident, in all poetic simplicity? Then conceive of this same injury as done b sly design, and you are forthwith within the orbit of Rhetoric. (37)

This seems to be a very sarcastic, cynical idea of rhetoric. Of course, that is the point... a hypocrite trying to out-hypocrize the hypocrites. A suicidal poet who plays in the realm of devious rhetorics? OUCH! Personally, this sounds like a melodrama to me!

The Animated Burke

It is my intention to do an animated video of one (or more) of Burke's short stories and/or poetry. I have yet to select which one(s) would be best for adapting to animated visual representation. I would publish this on either Kairos or KB Journal.

An Unhappy Medium

we can say that people interpret natural sequences in terms of cause and effect not because of something in the natural scene requiring this interpretation, but because they are the sort of agents that see things in terms of necessary relations(187).

Reciprocal acts and agents

. . . the sheer nature of an office, or position, is said to produce important modifications in a mans character. Even a purely symbolic act, such as the donning of priestly vestments, is often credited with such a result. (GoM, 16)

Burke MOOC - Case Study Team Report

Case Study Team:
Data, Jay, Mari

Be clear on:
Demographic: Realistic Expectations of whom will be involved
Content: what are we presenting? how much can be generated for and consumed in the MOOC
Outcomes: what does a student get from the course

Fundamentally Spiritual

'spiritual' values get their authority because they reinforce the ways of thinking and feeling by which man equips himself to accomplish the tasks indigenous to his environment.

(TPOLF 315)

I had to laugh at this pragmatic approach to spiritual authority... having it described (most cunningly) as "Darwinian". Faith as an evolutionary product? Only Burke could so beautifully intertwine such apparent opposites.

Symbolic is not the act

The "symbolism" of the word consists in the fact that no one quite uses the word in its mere dictionary sense. And the overtones of the usage are revealed "by the company it keeps" in the utterances of a given speaker or writer."

(TPOLF 35)

Writing our Reality

The writer's situation is not merely his or her set of personal experiences or historical context, though those elements do help define it. The writer's situation, more accurately, is what today may be called subjectivity. In this case, the writer's or the subject's situation is the transformed personal and public experiences that in turn serve as ingredients useful in interpreting other experience, in solving (or even avoiding) problems, and in communicating with each other.

(Elements of Dramatism, p.51)


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