The Insepearability of Rhetoric and Language

"For rhetoric as such is not rooted in any past condition of human society. It is rooted in an essential function of language itself, a function that is wholly realistic, and is continually born anew; the use of language as a symbolic means of inducing cooperation in beings that by nature repsond to symbols" (ARoM 43).

The Ambiguity of Identification and Division

“Why ‘at odds,’ you may ask, when the titular term is ‘identification’? Because, to begin with ‘identification’ is, by the same token, though roundabout, to confront the implications of division.” (Kenneth Burke, A Rhetoric of Motives, pg. 22)

Word Magics

"The approach to rhetoric in terms of "word magic" gets the whole subject turned backwards."
(A Rhetoric of Motives p. 42)


My abstract is pasted below. I welcome any suggestions for the paper re. making the concept of "perspective by incongruity" or any other Burkean concepts more substantial. I will likely put together a collage too.

Working Title: “Studio-Art-Movements: Trans-formation, (Dis)Connection, and Social Engagement”

Imagery at Face Value

"Taken simply at its face value, imagery invites us to respond in accordance with its nature."

Diversification of Apparatus in the Humanities as Reorientation

I'm planning on working out my presentation for the KB Conference in the term project. It seeks to make a Burkean comment on Ulmer and electracy, particularly by means of the ideas developed in Burke's Permanence and Change. I am envisioning a multimodal deliverable of video footage and/in/with/of slides I will present at the actual conference + a written rationale of the argument along with the first draft of a "script" for the presentation. The first draft of the abstract, with slight adjustments for this post, went a little something like this:

The Human Motives - Burke, A Rhetoric of Motives (xii-180)

“… Aristotle lists the kind of opinion you should draw upon if you wanted to recommend a policy or to turn people against it; the kind of motives which in people’s opinion lead to just or unjust actions; what personal traits people admire or dislike; and what opinions can be used as means for stirring men to rage, friendliness, fear, compassion, shame, indignation, envy, rivalry, charity, and so on.” Page 56

Proposed Title: Identification through visual representation as a function of politician’s persuasive appeal

Dramatism compares life to a drama and provides the most direct route to human motives and human relations. This research proposal attempts to analyse an identity construction and self-representation of a profile picture posted by an Indonesian presidential candidate. Burke, in Permanence and Change (1984), points out that the manner in which we communicate determines the manner in which we relate as social beings. Prabowo, a current Indonesian presidential candidate, uses social media to reach out to the public.

explication: G of M #2

From A Grammar of Motives:

explication: G of M #1

From A Grammar of Motives:

"The same structure is present in the corresponding Greek word, hypostasis, literally, a standing under: hence anything set under, such as stand, base, bottom, prop, support, stay; hence metaphorically, that which lies at the bottom of a thing, as the groundwork, subject matter, argument of a narrative, speech poem; a starting point, a beginning" (23)


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