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Project 3 with description and info

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Clemson V.S USC Bowl Game Wins Last 25 Years

The rivalry between Clemson University and University of South Carolina has remained fierce for the last 25 years. The pictogram displays the amount of Clemson bowl game wins compared to the amount of University of South Carolina bowl game wins. After observing this graphic, the rivalry is heated. Clemson has achieved 9 bowl wins since 1988 while USC has only accomplished 6. When Clemson plays USC its always one of the greatest football games to watch. Keep an eye on the bowl win count to stand by your college’s football team!

Project 3 Draft Jimmy Kaplanges

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Clemson V.S USC Bowl Game Wins Last 25 Years is the title of my project which describes the information presented in my pictogram. Each picture in the graph represents a bowl game win achieved by either Clemson or USC. There is a hiearchy relationship because the top bowl game win is the most recent win and who ever has the most bowl game pictures is at a higher value. There are two watermarks to accompany the information presented to show the two team logos. The overall objective of the project is to communicate that Clemson has more bowl game wins than the opposing rival USC.

Project 3- Clemson and USC

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I am creating a pictograph based on the amount of bowl games Clemson has won compared to USC. The rivalry between the South Carolina Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers is fierce. I think students at Clemson will enjoy the pictograph because Clemson has won more bowl games and would be perfect to have around campus during football season to show team spirit.

Chapter 4

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proximity describes grouping with careful spacing both horizontally and vertically with the careful use of aiding communication. An example is a museum of art spacing the exhibits far apart. Hierarchy gives a sense of importance by starting bottom up or top to bottom. The design becomes clear and eligible with importance. An example is a prescription description. Organization forms the framework for communication compromised of text and graphics to include information that is clearly eligible for the reader. Without organization, information becomes cluttered and unreadable.

Tufts Layering

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The main point of Tufte’s strategy for layering information is about connecting the details by bringing different dimensions to create an effective web design. Tuft describes layering as "felicitous subtraction of weight, enhances representation of both data dimensionality and density on flatland (59).” Through layers, information graphics can come to life enhancing its form of communication to the user.

South Carolina Information Graphic

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My project 2 is an information graphic created around South Carolina Census data to present data about demographics, population, and other statistical observation. The graphic will be composed in an appealing manner by incorporating a unified color scheme. Charts and graphical representation will be utilized to organize the data.

Project 2- South Carolina

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I am going to base my project around south carolina census information in order to draw information about population, geography and demographics. To prevent my design from experiencing any kind of over complexity there will be a limited amount of illustrations to display the data.


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The most important concepts discussed in chapter one was about the rule of simplicity. Many information design grahpics can be highly complex, this prevents the viewer from being able to clearly identify the message. If the creator can create a graphic that is simple with an easily identifiable subject then the viewer can distinguish the concepts being presented. Clutter is a problem that we come in conflict with every day but by envisioning a single topic that is simple we can learn more efficiently.