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Project 3 Deliverable

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For project 3 I am thinking about designing a sign for people to clean up after their pets. At the Clemson Botanical Gardens many people take their dogs on walks but fail to clean up after them. I think that it is important to keep a public place like that clean. As far as I know there are currently no signs for people to clean up after their pets. There is simply a sign to keep dogs on leashes and to encourage owners to clean up after their pets. I think having a more creative sign will have a more positive effect on those who bring their pets to the gardens.

Katz Ch.4

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Organization of information is how that information is displayed and how readers/viewers interpret the information that is portrayed. Proximity refers to how text or a group of texts are arranged. "How that information and that empty space is configured makes it easier or more difficult to see relationships and to understand the information" (119). So how a text is arranged can affect how the reader/viewer interprets or understands that information.

Layering and Separation

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Ultimately, layering and separation, when used in the right circumstances, create an effective design. Layering and separation help minimize and eliminate messy and undecipherable information. Layering especially helps reduce clutter and improves data visually. On page 60, Tufte says that the "layering of data, often achieved by felicitous subtraction of weight, enhances representation of both data dimensionality and density on flatland." So by layering, one can reduce the amount of "weight" and that makes the data visually appealing and easier to read.

Project 2 Deliverable 2

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In my infographic that I will create I will represent the percentages of Americans who own an Ereading device from May 2010 to November 2012. I plan to use bar graphs to display this particular set of data. Other aspects I plan to use are the percentages of men and women who own an Ereading device and perhaps the age differences. Pie graphs seem to me to be the best type of graph to use for these specific data. Of course I also plan to use the principles of design to create an accurate and visually appealing infographic.

Tufte Ch.1

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I found that the small multiple was one of the most important concepts that Tufte discussed. Small multiple is a display that uses the same design structure through out the graphic. Being consistent helps reduce confusion. If one thing represented many things then it would be difficult to comprehend what information the graphic is displaying. Also, if there is consistency throughout then it would be easier to notice changes.

Client Context

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After researching and finding information about the planetarium this is what we found:

Mark D. Leising
Chair of Astrophysics
Office: 201A Kinard Laboratory
Phone: 864.656.5304

Planetarium location: 112 Kinard