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Project 3: Water Safety Pictogram (CU Sailing Club)

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My project focuses on making a humorous pictogram that is useful for helping members of the sailing club remember to practice safety on the water.
I chose this because I have been in the sailing club for some time and as former safety officer I see the need for some additional safety mindedness in the clubs’ culture.
Specifically, I hope to convey that cold water can be very dangerous and to wear lifejackets when winter rules are in effect.

Katz Ch4 reading response

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Organization as applied to information design is the structuring of content in such a way that it is effectively understood by the audience. (‘Effectively’ here means: quickly, intuitively, accurately and orderly.) Organization can include visual spacing into rows, columns or other spaces; also it includes layering, grouping and aligning text which is an example of proximity.

Tufte Chapter 3 Response Layering and Separation

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On page 53 Tufte introduces the topic saying that to avoid confusion and clutter separation and layering reduce noise and enriche content of displays. These design devices are used to distinguish various aspects of the data so that they don't become noise and clutter.

"Layering of data, often achieved by felicitous subtraction of weight, enhances representation of both data dimensionality and density on flatland."

Tufte shoes that signal to noise ratio is critical to reduce viewer fatigue(pg 62) and improve accuracy of readings.

Project 2 Trendy Shoes

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My question is to ask when various trendy shoes peaked within the past decade. I would like to show if the shoes are still popular, if they are becoming less popular or if they are going strong. I think it is interesting to see trends come and go. And footwear seems like something that is interesting to me because of what it allows or hinders people from doing activity wise. I plan to use google trends to data since 2004 on shoes like, Toms, Timberland boots, Chacos, and others. I plan to identify the year in which each shoe met it's peak trending searches on the Google search engine.

Too Much Information about Manufacturing

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At Clemson University's Spring career fair many companies handed out recruiting materials to students seeking employment.
However, one particular company gave me two pieces of information. The first was a business card. The second was the attached front and back of a flyer containing entirely too much information.
In fact, the flyer, although useful to give recruits an idea of what products this company manufactured, and an overview of the size of the facilities along with it's general location and growth, was a turn off.