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Project 3 - Deliverable 3 Final Project

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This is my final project.

The link to the actual form that I created using Google Forms is listed below. I copy and pasted the form into Microsoft Word and converted it to a pdf so that you could get an idea of what the form looks like if for some reason the link doesn't work.

Project 3 - Deliverable 1

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I think I've decided to make a form for a babysitting application. Babysitting is something that I've done since I could have a job, and when I have my own kids, I think it would be a good idea to have a useful application for potential babysitters that provides relevant information about the person who's going to be watching my kids when I'm away. If I didn't make a babysitting application, I would make a form for babysitters that's sort of like a fill in the blank for what to do or what to cook when you've run out of ideas while babysitting.

Organization, Proximity and Hierarchy

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Organization, proximity, and hierarchy are centered around how lists, menus, tables of contents, and other categories of information are grouped and placed on a page in order for the text or groups of text to be displayed in the most efficient way. Katz states that in any arrangement of text or groups of text, there is a figure and ground, positive and negative, information and empty space [and] how that information and that empty space is configured makes it easier or more difficult to see relationships and to understand the information.

Deliverables 1 and 2 for Project 2

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At first I was looking at doing an infographic about coffee and caffeine consumption among college students because I consume both on a daily basis. However, as I was looking up more information, I felt that doing an infographic on prescription stimulants among college students would be a much more interesting topic on which to do my infographic. Plus, I found several sources that were very thorough on the topic.

Quantitative Issues

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I found this poster on one of the walls in the hallway, and to me, it's information overload. The poster is all in the same font, and it's too overwhelming for me to actually want to read and find out what the poster is advertising. The font that's used is also difficult to read and very unappealing.