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Week 5, Effective Map of Relations

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This chart printed in People Magazine showing the "evolution" of Taylor Swift's boyfriend choices is comically effective in showing who and when she dated each person. The chart uses "second generation labeling" by using a line to connect each figure with the name and stats. The shapes of each person (starting from crouching and moving to an upright position) indicate the progression of boyfriends to the present day.

Week 4, Effective Info Design

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I've seen some extremely effective anti-drunk driving ads on billboards and television that appeal to human emotion. They are designed to make the audience feel responsible for the pain and suffering of the victim in the ad if said audience has ever driven drunk or allowed someone to. Take the link below:

Ineffective Info Design

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When comparing with, it is clear to see that Amazon is lacking in effective information design. The homepage for the site is cluttered with ads and prices, and the categories for shopping are not readily visible... you must search for the drop down button to see them. Google, however, shows how it should be done: search bar in the middle of the page where the eye will immediately see it, all white background with no ads means no distraction.