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reading response layering and separation

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Tufte explains that "visually stratifying" the data within the image is a very powerful way to convey the data. Layering and separation allows the eyes of the audience to decipher between two or more pieces of critical information without confusion. Imagine if everything in a graph or diagram was all the same color. Your eyes would not know where to be drawn to first. Tufte says, " What matters-inevitably, unrelentingly-is the proper relationship among layers.

reading response week 8 qualitative issues

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The attached image is out of a "scientific american" publication. Normally being a good source of trending information on science and how it applies to everyday life, this article I found didn't seem to fit in. "Scientific American" is good about relating to the reader and putting the information on a laymen's level. This image is very cluttered, I couldn't determine what I was looking at, and I couldn't relate to the data it was conveying. Don't get me wrong, I think the images are cool to look at, however I'm not a neurologist and the information didn't quite get across to me.