Effective Design: Good design

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I really like the way facebook.com is organized. I think the layout is dispersed in a way because each piece has its assigned space. The website is designed in such a way that allows multiple generations to be able to use it without getting bogged down by confusion as to what each of the links goes to, especially after they transitioned to timeline format. I think having the links to events and messages immediately under your name with the other pages (groups, apps, and "liked" pages) grouped below that make it easy to find what you're looking for without having to spend any real time on the site. I also think the green dots and cell phone icons make it easy to keep track of who is online and available to chat with. I also like that I can post for someone's birthday or engagement straight from my news feed because it makes me less likely to forget!




Facebook is definitely a wonderful example of effective design through layering and simplicity. However, sometimes I feel like Facebook tries to fix something that isn't broken by adding new features to the home page. Thankfully, even when they do switch things up or add a new feature, it's pretty easy to catch on to how it works.


I definitely agree with you! I also like how facebook reminds us of people's birthdays and engagements because it makes us less likely to forget. I think the system of using notifications is very efficient as well.