Shown Vividly and Clearly- Our National Debt Outlooks

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Emotional- By putting such a strong quote in order to mock the President, the creator of this chart is clearly putting pathos behind it. The look of distress in the Presidents picture as well creates a feeling of worry and fear.

Dispursed vs. Layered- This chart displays its information by representing separately in a line graph the two different projected outlooks on our National Debt from January 2009 and March 2009. Lines are clearly shown and represented and both axis are labeled correctly with proper increments.

Metaphor- The chart want to clearly poke at the democrats with this chart by not just making it a simple chart given with numbers and lines- but with the edition of Obama's picture and quotations he is creating a metaphor that the democrats are going to destroy the country with their spending.



I have to agree. I think that

I have to agree. I think that by combining all of the features of emotional, dispersed vs. layered, and metaphor the designer is successful in creating an effective design. There is not too much information and what information is displayed is done so in a neat and organized way so that the audience is able to comprehend what the message in the ad is.

Strongly emotional

The disappointed look of President Obama in the background certainly ups the emotional value in this chart. It serves as a bias to the viewer who will see the picture before interpreting the chart. I think you're also correct in saying that metaphor is present too. The designer of this chart had an agenda to convey and uses visual rhetoric to accomplish this.