Riggs Hall Elevator Buttons

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Connections in products. I think the designer of this elevator in Riggs Hall on Clemson's Campus must have thought that putting the star on beside the "SB" would be a good idea. Of course it took me one flight of stairs to reach the first floor, so I pressed it without thinking. Little did I realize it was taking me to the Sub-Basement. Who knew basements could have basements? When the doors opened I looked out into a dimly lit, funny smelling, place that appeared to be more of an out of use storage closet than a university building. I returned to the much less spooky elevator and pressed B realizing the designer's mistake.

The good: These adjacent labels would be buttons themselves preferably, but at least I can find the button right next to the labels.
The Bad: What a terrible arrangement of buttons. They used some natural mapping because the front entrance(1st floor) is on the right side of the building and the Basement entrance is on the left side of the building when reading the buttons.
The Ugly: The star on a creepy floor with no main entrances or exits is a bad idea. What the heck is an "SB"? Super bowl, SpongeBob, SpaceBalls, Sacre Bleu!!? A first time visitor to this building would be better off taking the stairs.



The Star

Why put a star by the SB? It seems like emphasizing it with the symbol would mean they want people to push that button, but the floor doesn't seem like a place anyone would actually want to go.