Project 1 - Africa or Eco Design

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I currently torn between two ideas:

1. Eco Housing

I'm interested in this image because at first glance it looks extremely complex and overwhelming, but when you stop to try to read it, you find that it's actually very well organized and simple to use. I also feel there are several opportunities for analysis in the form of color, lines, grouping, connection, point of view, labeling, and grouping. I think this image would be very interesting to break down into design elements.


2. Africa in Words

I'm very fascinated by this poster, and I believe it also has many opportunities for analysis. These include, lines, color, grouping, connection, simplicity vs complexity, words in collision, and labeling. I'm concerned that there may less going on in the image than I think. However, I also think it would be fun to analyze.

So I'm torn between the two.