Tabloids - Too Much Info

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Tabloids usually have a lot of competing information on their covers that can distract from the main focal point or leave the viewer wondering what the main focal point actually is.

This cover in particular has a lot of competing information.Although it appears the main point has to do with the relationship between Caroline and Harry, the eye is distracted by the yellow box of "surgery shocks." Once the eye travels down that box, it is grabbed by the "drop a dress size" ad.

It seems like the designer of the cover wasn't sure what would catch the attention of the viewer most, so they threw everything on to attract as many viewers as possible, causing an information overload.



Random much?

The information displayed in the tabloid is not only cluttered and not clear, but the magazine layout did a horrible job putting relevant content together on the front page. The awkwardly placed pants on the bottom right mixed with Charlie Sheen shirtless just doesn't mesh well together

Too much information!

I see these magazines when waiting in line at the grocery store and they often overwhelm me with information. There is almost no "white space" on the cover, which severely damages its rhetorical success.


The problem with the magazine is its scattered information, however, this is a tactic many publication companies use to attract viewers regardless of its actual content. The content may be uninteresting but to make the captions and pictures seem attractive leads to a viewers attentiveness. I agree, the main focal point is being taken away by the lesser stories seen in the magazine.