Information Overload

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This is an image that I found on the back of my receipt from Bilo. Both of these advertisements display information overload. The advertisement regarding the Attorney provides too much information. There is a bulleted list of things to do "when good times go bad". While this information is all very important, you have to pick and choose about which is the most important. As the text mentions, functionality is the objective. This is inefficient because it will not keep the attention of the audience. The advertisement regarding the oil change has too many numbers. I would describe this as "busy". There is a telephone number, price, address, measurement and maybe even more listed on this little square. One might get all of these numbers jumbled up. Put the key information only.




I agree; putting key

I agree; putting key information would have been a better approach to properly conveying the information. There is a lot going on in a very small amount of space. The advertiser should have considered something a lot cleaner and a lot more "to the point" to get the readers' attention. You don't want to overwhelm a potential consumer by overloading them right off the bat.

So cluttered. I agree that

So cluttered. I agree that the most important information should have been chosen to be displayed in this ad. It is very busy for such a small amount of space. I don't know where to focus my attention.