So you think they sell Cigars?

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Talk about information overload- this window display I saw in Fort Lauderdale goes way above and beyond with "selling their product" The amount of window display lights that are presented are unnecessary and actually "waste energy" both for the customer/viewer and for the actual environment/electric bill/etc.

The addition of the ATM might be the only significant light that needs to be there- and it's ignored because of all the ridiculous lights that are placed in front of it.




The lights are very

The lights are very distracting. Although the owners are using the lights as an "attention getter", there are too many of them, making the design cluttered and ineffective.

information overload

I agree that is a very distracting window display and looks very tacky. It is a good example of information overload with the amount of visual lighting being presented.

I agree that this window is

I agree that this window is overwhelming, but I'm guessing that their target audience, who may be under the influence of a certain herb, will find the colors and scrambled decor a gift to ponder.