Project 2 Deliverable

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Peer Review of Individual Projects (Quantitative)

Author Name: EB
Reviewer Name: CM
Title of Project: Project 2: Starting Wage Per State

Directions: Reviewers should try to be as specific and thorough as possible in their review. When completed, print and deliver this review to the author. As time allows, teams of reviewers should discuss their reviews as a group, with authors asking questions or eliciting feedback on specific aspects of the project

The Information Graphic
1. What does the information graphic show? (Summarize it in your own words)
This information graphic shows the average starting wage for large cities across America for people age 20-29. Information is also given about what percentage of the workforce those people make up.

2. What two qualities of the information graphic stand out the most? Explain.
The blue map is really nice. It’s an eye-catching color that isn’t distracting. I also like that it uses white lines instead of darker ones. (Tufte would be proud!) The only thing I don’t like about it is the way they handle those small East Coast states. This might be too much work, but maybe those dark lines could be erased and the labels placed right next to the map, along the coast? I’m not even sure if that would look good.

The red circles and text really stand out from the map. I love the red circles—perfect contrast to the map. To soften those lines a bit, you could always make them red and dotted? Since the map has those white lines separating the states, the black lines look a little harsh.

3. Has the author provided good quality images?
Images look great! :)

The Data
4. Is it clear what the data shows? If not, what additional information is needed? If so, explain why it works well or what adjustments could be made to make it work better.
The labels are very clearly pointing to the cities. It’s easy to understand them because they all follow the same basic pattern. It did take me a little longer to understand the percentages. Maybe having a legend/explanation at the top telling us what the labels are going to show?

5. Is the data source clearly identified?
No, I forgot to do that too! Lol.

6. Does the visual representation of the data make it more understandable or persuasive? Explain why or why not.
The data is very understandable. It’s clear and easy to read. It might be more persuasive if there were a visual representation of the different amounts? Maybe larger/smaller circles or $$$ like on restaurant websites?

Labeling, Titles, Typography
7. Has the author used text effectively to explain the data? Do all graphics have captions? Are legends provided where needed?
All the data is very well explained and labeled. See my suggestion above about the legends.

8. Comment on the use of typography in the information graphic. Is it used consistently? Is it clearly readable?
The typography is consistent among the labels and clearly readable. You had mentioned about changing the font. I think that would be a good idea, since Times looks a little formal.

Suggestions for Revision
9. Identify the most important thing the author can do to improve the information graphic.
I think the most important thing would be to provide a legend for the labels. That would make the information instantly understandable.