Organization, Proximity and Hierarchy

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Organization, proximity, and hierarchy are centered around how lists, menus, tables of contents, and other categories of information are grouped and placed on a page in order for the text or groups of text to be displayed in the most efficient way. Katz states that in any arrangement of text or groups of text, there is a figure and ground, positive and negative, information and empty space [and] how that information and that empty space is configured makes it easier or more difficult to see relationships and to understand the information.

A misuse of organization, proximity, and hierarchy is found on
This website has no sort of navigational hierarchy and the structure and organization of the information is messy and all over the place.



Mr. Bottles

I like the example you used to show a website with poor navigation (which I think is along the left side of the page). The navigation should be one of the most salient elements on the homepage, and this is not the case here. Poor hierarchy usually results in poor organization, it seems.

I have to agree that there is

I have to agree that there is no effective use of organization, proximity, and hierarchy on the website. There is just so much information and and that is overwhelming because it is not organized in an effective way.

reading response

This website is definitely a misuse of organization, proximity, and hierarchy. There is a lot going on with the website including the person talking as soon as you click on the page and distracting the viewer from looking at the other information on the page. The font on the page is another example being that there is different color font and size making the website design misleading.


The webpage is so spastic, I do not know where to navigate or the proper communication channels to take to explore the webpage. The problem with a lack of structure and organization leads the reader confused with no motivation to continue searching on the webpage.