Qualitative design - Google Maps

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I think this website uses qualitative design (lines, labeling, point-of-view, shapes, color, and navigation) to adequately communicate where things are as well as allow the user to interact. I'm thinking in particular about when a user is able to pinpoint a specific address on the map, click the satellite view and see it from a birds-eye perspective, and then click and drag the little stick figure in the top corner to view the place from the street panoramically. I really don't think I could think of a better designed website because although it looks simple, all the different aspets allows each user to use the website in a unique way depending on their needs.



Good website

I agree with all of your points. This website is very easy to use and it is not too cluttered, which adds to its efficiency.

Great Qualitative Design

Google Maps, in addition to most other Google features and tools, is extremely user friendly. You have the ability to shift directions as well as zoom in and out. Other than that, the data on the map is accurate, educational, and well spaced. Maps are usually extremely difficult to navigate through, but Google makes it a fun, interactive, and user friendly experience for people of varying intelligence.