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Ling (The site designer) wants to "make your experience a happy one" but among the crazy music, wigs, blinking graphics, and complete lack of dull messages it seems to say,"EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!" In effect "NOTHING IS IMPORTANT AND MY EYEBALLS ARE BLEEDING!"
There seems to be no logical order of information in this site at all. It's like Ling just wants you to know she has a crazy site and that the big flags and inflatable-monster-style advertising tactics of physical car lots are just as effective on the web in her mind...
The designer clearly does not have a good understanding of what humans need in order to navigate a page to find USEFUL information. The designer seems to be overly concerned with having a fun site, thereby compromising usability.
I'm sure Ling's has some success because of publicity and how ridiculous it is, but I would not want to be one of Ling's customers. I (the audience) cannot understand the information because the site follows almost no conventions that I'm familiar with.
Ling seems to think that somehow a link for a cheap lease should be a blinking picture of her face. There is no logical connection between leasing cheap cars and ling's face. Especially since her face is posted all over the site. This reflects Katz's idea that the designer is overly concerned with designing a visually compelling graphic.
Playing Ling's new game seems to be just as important as car shopping to her. And the site appears to have tons of advertisements, which I'm conditioned not to click, but on second glance I realize these are internal site links.
This may work for Ling, but it doesn't work for humans.