Information Design: Bad Example

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Linked Image This is a bad example of information design because it's meant to help women (or men, I suppose) learn how to apply nail polish "like a pro" but doesn't take into consideration that not all nails are shaped the same. For instance, if you're like me and your nails never make it past the short, stubby, bitten shape, these directions may not be very useful. The "canvas" nail bed here is too big, the polish never goes in that perfect oval shape, and it's too cartoon-like to be helpful. It may be over-simplified. The problem lies both with the designer in not using a real image of a person's nails and with the audience because not everyone has the same nail shape. An alternative to this visual could be a video of a real person painting her nails.



I agree with your statement

I agree with your statement that the shakiness of this design is attributed to both the designer and the audience. I also think that a video would be a great alternative to the picture because watching someone use a specific technique to paint their nails is bound to be more effective than looking at a picture of it because the audience can simply follow along with the video while it is playing.

I definitely like the video

I definitely like the video better than the picture for the sake of displaying a process. The video seems more personal and realistic. But, the image gives you a solid reference that doesnt move and you can't "miss" anything, like you could in a video perhaps. This site is a lot going on at once, but at least it organizes everything pretty well number wise and you feel like youre following something.