info overload

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this is always something i have found that is an "info overload" if you will in the horse world. the majority of these studs (cleats for horses) function the same with barely any change to the look/make. hexagonal vs square. its an unneccessary overload of info onto the consumer



I'm not a fan of horses because they scare me. On another note, the design of this site is very similar to that of many e-commerce sites - with 3 x 3 rows of thumbnails displaying products. Unlike good e-commerce sites though, this horse site does not show larger images of the product when the cursor hovers over the product. The studs are so small and take up such a small part of the boxes.

oh no!

dont be scared of horses. theyre just big dogs lol and yes, i agree. it's weird that you cannot see a larger image considering the main differences in the studs need to be enlarged to even be seen.

those are some large photos...

Especially as someone who would have no idea what I was looking for based off of description or name- I would need the picture for something like nails. I would get fed up with this site and search out another. Not very good for sales!!