When It Doesn't Work

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This website is not the best laid out website. My roommates and I went on this website to look for available places to live next semester, and the website's data wasn't laid out very well. It was very hard to decipher which properties were for rent and which were for sale. Although some properties were listed under for sale, they were also listed for rent. It was very frustrating. When we contacted the realtor, he told us about properties that weren't even listed on the website and told us about some that were no longer up for rent or to buy.



Housing situation

Figuring out a housing situation can definitely be very frustrating and I agree with you that this website is shaky. It is difficult to navigate due to all of the images everywhere and it is also extremely ineffective because the properties for sale and rent were not always in the correct category on the website.

I remember

I remember using this website when I was looking for apartments. A lot of the information isn't clear, like when details say "applications only," what does that mean? I do think the problem here is from the designer. They know and understand all the details, but they have forgotten the user of the website may not understand. For them, the information makes sense. For the user, it's confusing.

I have to agree

This is definitely an ineffective design. The information is not displayed clearly and there is simply too much information. I would get very frustrated trying to navigate this site especially because the information about certain housing isn't clear.