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I found this image on google. It's obviously making a connection and exploring the history between graffiti and street art. However, the designer may not have taken into account the audience because this map is very difficult to follow because there is a lot going on. I don't understand how some of the subjects on this map are related to others. It is visually compelling and the subject at hand is interesting but the design was not executed successfully because it is difficult to understand. It is clear that the designer was not considering the human factors and the audiences' abilities and limitations to understanding this map. Also, the audience may be unfamiliar with some of the terms on this map.




That image was definitely shaky. Having all of the words and arrows crammed into one image makes it very ineffective, in my opinion.

Why do people/organizations

Why do people/organizations always think these web things are helpful? The government seems to use them just to convince us how much we need them. "What? You want to question our ultimate authority? Look at all these webby dangers we are keeping you from being ensnared by!"

Lol, I always think of that episode of Alias where Sydney wants to take down SD-6 and Vaughn dramatically reveals the true extent of the Alliance by pulling out the huge crime syndicate map.

So Shaky

I agree with all of you. The infographic is so busy to the point that it is counterproductive. The whole intent of this visual is to communicate and educate to an audience in a clear, organized manner. In this case, there is so little spacing and so much cutter that people will more likely be confused and intimidated rather than educated on the progression of "street art."