Chapter 4 Reading Response

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organization - Organization is the placement of objects in a text. A lack of organization confuses your readers--they will be unsure where the information starts, what information is important, and what information is related. One common way to organize the overall structure of a page is by using the grid method. However, each of the elements on the text also contribute to the organization.

proximity - Proximity involves the arrangement of text/images in relation to each other. Objects that are grouped together seem to be related; objects that are separated by white space seem to be unrelated.

hierarchy - Hierarchy is the use of design to give visual importance and to show relationships. The more salient the text or image, the more important it seems. Less salient objects appear to be sub-grouped under more salient objects.

The form I attached to this post is a USPS mailing label. To be honest, this isn't even the worst one I've had to fill out at the post office. It's very unclear where to start filling in the form or which sections are for customer use only. None of the spaces have clear hierarchy.

It almost seems like the designer of the form thought that using lines around all of the bosex made up for using any other kind of organization.