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How a Car Thermostat Works(thermostat): Because the red and blue lines, representing warm and cold air, overlap you can conceptualize that the car is mixing the warm and the cold air to reach desired temperature.

How a Dishwasher Works (Dishwasher): A common misconception is that the water has to reach the detergent in the "detergent compartment" to dissolve it. Therefore, some users do not shut this "detergent compartment" door, allowing for the detergent to spill over. Does soap go in multiple compartments or in a single one? (detergent) Is there a delay release of the detergent? What are the differences in cycles? Once the door is shut, the user is in the dark as to what is going on inside, and therefore the majority of users have incorrect or uncertain conceptual models.

How a Door Opens(Isuzu rodeo rear door) No one can open this door on the first try. The conceptual model typically tells people that pulling the handle would open both levels of the door(glass and metal). However, the hinges are not visible on the metal door so you don't know which way the door swings. In reality to open the door you must open the glass hatch before you open the rear door. To open the glass you pull on the secondary handle on the glass. But this does not work because you must push a button that looks like a key hole first to unlock the glass hatch. Overall this design is TERRIBLE for several reasons but it does not follow the conceptual model that you can pull open the door, because you have to PUSH the button to pull open the door.