An Effective Design

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The link provided below depicts an image of the different kinds of iPod products, with the various colors and prices displayed. This design is effective because all of the information that customers need to know about the products is clearly displayed, without interference of excess (unnecessary) information. The design of this advertisement is layered, which makes it visually appealing to the customers. The iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and the two kinds of iPod touches are made to look as though they are three-dimensional, even though the image is only two-dimensional. Emotional power is used a fair amount in this image, in the way that the variations of the iPod are all displayed, showing the different colors in which they can be created. The display of the different colors also adds to the visual appeal of the product. The information in this advertisement is clear and easily understood due to the absence of unnecessary information and the layout of the various products, which makes it more visually appealing to customers, making it an effective design.