Layering and Separation

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Tufte describes the effectiveness of layering and separation. With designers using different elements such as colors, lines, and symbols it helps enhance what needs to be drawn out and what doesn't. On page 56 Tufte includes a map in his reading. The map in the picture is not overwhelming or creating to much noise (which is something Tufte emphasis while describing the rules and effectiveness in layering and separation. Things such as included road maps had to be clear, simple, and concise because that was how a person got from point A to point B. If the designer had put a lot of clutter into the map it would have been made ineffective and therefor useless.



Layering and Separation

I think you make a great point regarding what you stated about enhancing what needs to be drawn out and what doesn't. Varying colors, lines, and symbols are so crucial, especially in map making, because the user must be able to navigate through an area that they're unfamiliar with. Thus, the user must be able to decipher between different areas and roads on the map. Layering and separation is critical in the design of all effective visuals.