Project 2: Facebook begone!

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I decided to use data concerning adult internet users and facebook. The survey article is titled Coming and Going on Facebook and asks internet users whether they have been on Facebook, if they have taken a break from Facebook (if so why), if they plan on going on the site more or less in the future, and other related questions.

I decided to take this on because I think it's an interesting topic, as I am really starting to hate facebook. I deleted it for a good long while (the majority of the 2011-2012 school year), and was only persuaded by myself to put it back up as a means of communication with my siblings. As those are my feelings, I'm interested in finding out what others think about the site and their usage of it through the data in this survey. Maybe I'm alone, maybe I'm a part of the majority, it should be interesting to find out.

Facebook Survey