Project 3-Deliverable One

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For project 3, I have decided to create a pictogram/sign that will show the importance of turning off the lights when you leave a room. I work at an electric company and this sign could be placed here. This sign could also be placed in dorms and classrooms around campus. I am hoping to have a picture of a light switch and portray the theme of 'flipping the switch'. I want to show that it saves money and maybe the environment. Any suggestions would be great!




I like this idea a lot. Clemson already has some signs like these that are placed over the light switch. I'm curious as to how yours will turn out differently.

You may even want to consider

You may even want to consider redesigning the obnoxious green stickers that go around the light switches. Perhaps make a new one of those so that it is subtle but still gets the message across.

I remember seeing some of

I remember seeing some of these signs around campus, ironically enough in places that lights were left deliberately turned on (not out of spite, just because that's how the residents decided to do it).