Project Log: Project 3

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I am planning to create a pictograph about commas. I was inspired by the visual puns in the first link. Because I want to teach my audience about the proper use of commas, my pictograph will give more information about the topic, while staying clean and simple (I hope!).

Right now I'm leaning toward doing something with serial commas. I want to show its position in a list and play off the word "serial" ("cereal"?).



I am not sure making a pun

I am not sure making a pun out of "cereal" is appropriate because the topic is the comma...Misusing commas would not lead to the misread of "cereal"...that pun diverts my attention to the spelling/homophones. However, I guess you could use it like pictures are used in the IBM picture in our book...but I still don't think it does much for the topic. It doesn't say anything about commas at all.

Great idea

I'm excited to see how you put this together, I know you've been thinking of different ways to use the pictograph and using the comma in a creative way to represent incorrect uses is phenomenal! Plus your students might get a kick out of it along with helping them understand proper uses.


I like your idea because of the educational component it provides. A visual pun is useful only if it conveys some sort of meaning. Your pictograph could be put up in the Pearce Center to remind students about commas as they pass by.

project 3 comment

That is so interesting because I can't tell you how many people either abuse the comma by overusing it or not utilizing it at all. I think that if you can come up with an exciting, entertaining way to teach people about comma usage, you'd be doing the world and English professors everywhere a huge favor.