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Pearce Center:Current programs include client-based advanced writing, which pairs classes of primarily business and technical writing students with university departments and community groups. They launched a new pilot program in the fall of 2012, the Clemson Writing Fellows, in which a number of our top students will serve as writing tutors in freshman and sophomore honors seminars. Plus the Pearce Center operates Class of 1941 Studio for Student Communication (Daniel Hall), which houses Pearce Center initiatives.
Should we:
-integrate paw
-integrate logo around QR?
-dark gray, orange
-put paw print in the middle?
-put circle around the code?

Parlor Press LLC is an independent publisher and distributor of scholarly and trade books in high quality print and digital formats. It was founded in 2002 to address the need for an alternative scholarly, academic press attentive to emergent ideas and forms while maintaining the highest possible standards of quality, credibility, and integrity. The Press's primary goal is to publish outstanding writing in a variety of subjects. Because the Press is unencumbered by the bureaucratic machinery of older publishing entities, the stress can be more on excellence and innovation than on marketability or pedigree. (This is not to suggest that these categories are mutually exclusive in every case.)
The Press is managed by scholars and specialists in their respective fields, presently covering fifteen book series, from initial peer review through production, distribution, and marketing. There are presently over 400 Parlor Press authors and another 75 developing new book projects. Parlor Press books have won numerous national awards as the best books in their respective fields. We have plans for growth into new areas, such as multimedia writing and other hybrid forms of print, visual, aural, and haptic media that can take advantage of new digital printing, publishing, and dissemination technologies.
Should we:
-integrate logo around QR?
-integrate tag line?
-dark teal, orange, white

Questions for the Pearce Center?
Okay with us integrating the tiger paw and the round logo?
Colors? orange and gray?
What pages they're most interested in?
Link to Facebook page?
Upcoming speakers and text message list?
Where are they trying to drive the most traffic?
Link to WAC Journal?
Main QR code + what other pages? Speakers, WAC
Students or faculty? Or both?
Client-based program for faculty?

Questions for Parlor Press:
Okay with us using the Parlor Press logo in or around?
Colors? Dark teal and slate?
What pages they're most interested in?
Main QR code and templates they can use for individual books?
Other pages he wants to link to?

David Blakesley- Parlor Press
Michael Lemahieu- Pearce Center Director mlemahi@clemson.edu