Team Paper Wheel: Log 2

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Our team was unable to interview our client (editors at Cengage Learning) over the past two weeks because of the 4C's Conference and Spring Break. But we made it happen today! For about 40 minutes we held a conference call with Ms. Kate Derrick and Ms. Leslie Taggart from Cengage. Each member of our team was present as we used the "speaker" setting on my phone to discuss issues surrounding the design and development of the paper wheel.

We had previously e-mailed the client a list of five interview questions, which were used during this afternoon's conference call. The responses to the questions are paraphrased. Our team's ideas and plans are also included.

1) Are there any specific colors or color schemes that you would like us to incorporate into the paper wheel?
The Cengage colors are blue and white, and these will serve as the primary color scheme for our paper wheel. The client suggested we also color code the outside area of the wheel according to the specific citation information displayed. For example, the author info. would be blue, the title info. would be yellow, etc.

2) Is there a specific size that you would like the paper wheel to be?
This decision will hinge on how many citation rules will be included on the wheel. We plan for the wheel to be two-sided, which will allow for more information to be shown. Cengage sent us an astronomy wheel last week that they produced. This, along with the wheel we were loaned from Cooper Library, will help us gauge how big our wheel needs to be. The client also recommended that the wheel be three layers. The goal of the wheel is to do more than provide portability and accessibility. Ease of use is another goal we have in mind. This is the advantage over looking up a citation rule in a book.

3) If we were to prepare a Cengage-branded version of the wheel, what would that entail? Or what sort of elements would we include in the paper wheel? Would we include a logo or any other sort of promotional elements?
The client suggested that we include the Cengage logo on the paper wheel. The client also said we should group citations on the wheel based on whether they are print or online sources. The general design of the wheel is to have three layers: one for author, one for title, and one for other publication information. By using the "window" of the wheel, the student can match up the three layers to find the appropriate citation rule.

4) How many different MLA citations or rules would you like us to include on the wheel? Or maybe a better way to ask is what sources or mediums are the most important to include?
The client said we should include as many as possible, which means we need to expand our preliminary list of 32 citations. With three layers and a back-side to the wheel, we should be able to fit most if not all types of MLA citations.

5) Who is our main audience for the paper wheel?
Freshman college students are the audience for this product. We were told to assume that the students know nothing about how MLA citation rules.

Our next move is to finalize the number of citations to include on the wheel, and then begin designing a prototype using construction paper.