Project 3 Draft Jimmy Kaplanges

Clemson V.S USC Bowl Game Wins Last 25 Years is the title of my project which describes the information presented in my pictogram. Each picture in the graph represents a bowl game win achieved by either Clemson or USC. There is a hiearchy relationship because the top bowl game win is the most recent win and who ever has the most bowl game pictures is at a higher value. There are two watermarks to accompany the information presented to show the two team logos. The overall objective of the project is to communicate that Clemson has more bowl game wins than the opposing rival USC.

Project 3 draft

This is a rough draft of my project. I can't get my laptop to handle photoshop so I made this by hand... Tomorrow I plan to use the lab till it's done.

The idea behind this is to play with the idea of animal crossing signs but instead using a cartoon image of the main characters in Invader Zim.